Keep track of your business, your contacts and your deals - simply

The perfect blend of high end CRM features, combined with advanced automation

With great power comes great simplicity

CRM systems are traditionally either very complex databases, or advanced "to do" management tools.

LeadMachine is designed to have all the power and features you would expect in any high end CRM system, but with an advanced automation engine to allow you to avoid unnecessary manual tasks, and to let you focus on your real sales and marketing processes.

Despite this power, our key design objective was always making LeadMachine easy to learn and simple to use.

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Automated to the core

Unlike some other CRMs, we didn't bolt automation on as an afterthought, it is built into every feature. Define a Search Group for your Contacts, create a new Deal for those Contacts, send a templated Email to the entire group, track the URLs they click on, and let Flows automate your responses.

And unlike other CRMs, you don't need to write code against our API to use all these features - they are all easily accessible by using our visual Flows designer.

Flow create

Go Mobile - LeadMachine adapts to your Devices

From the start we wanted to allow you to use LeadMachine while on the move, it works in all modern desktop browsers, and on all modern tablets and phones.

You don't need to download and learn a separate app, or struggle using a desktop site on a small screen. Our users are mobile, and so is LeadMachine.

Tablet tasks

Your Data, Everywhere You Need It, with Zapier

LeadMachine integrates with hundreds of other applications via Zapier.

Using the Zapier zervice you can connect the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks.

Automatically import your Contacts from Google or Shopify, add new Deals from PayPal or SurveyMonkey, create Tasks when forms are submitted, send your Contacts out of LeadMachine directly to your database, or to HelpScout ... the possibilities are endless. find your apps

Zapier apps

And many more great features

  • NEW Gmail integration allows you to view emails sent to and from your Contacts, directly from your business or personal account, alongside your LeadMachine email and info.
  • Tasks let you keep track of all the things that you and your team need to be doing.
  • Queues let you group related work together, and allow you to easily manage your Tasks and with Task Outcomes you can use Flows to move your Deals.
  • Contacts and Deals let you manage your customer information and see where each potential sale is right now.
  • Flows let you automate simple tasks like adding a Tag or a Note to a Contact, or simplify complex tasks like creating new Contacts and Deals or sending emails.
  • Our email system allows you to send marketing emails to a few hundred customers, tens of thousands of customers, or just a single customer.
  • The advanced templating system lets you match the content of every email to every recipient, change the text per Contact, use Custom Fields, perform calculations and much more.
  • Form integration allows you to capture information directly from a form hosted on your own web site, filter the content for spam, and create a new Contact directly.
  • Custom Fields allow you to extend your Contacts, add text fields, multiple choice fields, dates, social media fields, and many more.
  • Pipelines let you control your sales process, and ensure your Deals are managed efficiently, helping you close more sales.

Simple and Clear Pricing. No Contract. No Catches. No Lock In

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